Sunday, November 1, 2009

How do you iron?

I was ironing my clothes this morning and my husband is laying on the bed watching. All of a sudden he says - You're ironing backwards. Huh? How can you iron backwards.

Well he says I'm on the wrong side of the ironing board.

So I thought I would open a discussion with you folks. Which side of the ironing board do you stand on?

Now I stand on the side where my left hand would be towards the small end of the ironing board and my right hand is towards the wide end of the ironing board. And I iron with my right hand.

So I'd like you all to comment on which way you stand. And also if you're right or left handed.

I don't have a picture to put up here but I'll use the random number generator and one of you lucky commenters will win a prize as yet to be determined. It'll be a surprise!!

Don't you all love surprises!

So let me know and maybe this will encourage me to post more often as I get to know more of you.

All comments should be left by Wednesday, Nov. 4th. I will draw soon after that.

Hand quilting Nana


  1. I iron like you....left hand to the small side and right hand to the wider side; and I am right handed.

  2. This is too funny. I never thought there was a wrong side or a right side, just what works. But I'm opposite of you, so maybe your husband thinks I'm doing it correctly. To clarify, I'm right handed and I stand with the fat end of the ironing board on my left side and the narrow end on my right side, and I iron with my right hand.

    Again, this is too funny. I think your husband should now do all of our ironing! Or at least enough to allow you to get some good photos and write a couple of posts, where he gives us all lessons!


  3. Oh, you are so right in the way you iron! Now if only I would iron something other than quilts.

  4. Ironing .... hmmmmm

    Well in Dec. we'll celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary. I haven't ironed since our US Navy days which ended in 1972. So the rule at our house .... if you wear something that needs ironing ... you have to do it yourself.

    I don't iron ... he sends his out to the dry cleaners. That's the way we iron.

  5. I am right handed, and I stand at the ironing board exactly as you do. That's the way my mother ironed, and probably her mother did the same way. It's hard to break traditions ;-) Thanks for a surprise giveaway. Sounds like fun :-)

  6. I iron on the left side of the ironing board. Just because that is the side that is closest to the sewing area. My board hangs down from the door...

  7. I stand with my right hand towards the board and I iron with my left hand. Weird dince I am right handed.

  8. I am right-handed and stand with the small part of the ironing board on the left and iron with my right hand. Although my husband built me a big board which is a large rectangle that covers the entire ironing board.

  9. You described how I iron too. I am right handed and small side it to my left and fat side to my right... i even did it before they made those stands on the end... so a right hander would put it on the stand on the right side. didn't know there was a correct side?! I just asked my husband and he said no there is not a right/wrong side. then i told him your story and he chckled and said maybe your hubby is just messin' with ya. or i guess we hope!

    jackie (at)