Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Chance to Enter!!

Tomorrow is the deadline for my giveaway. So come on over to my blog for Nov. 1 and leave a comment. I will draw a name on Wednesday and send a surprise gift to the winner!!

Just wondering how many of you are getting the flu shot - swine or seasonal. I got my first flu shot last year and was sick for months. Aches, sniffles, etc. Totally not the norm for me. So I won't get another flu shot. And it seemed to affect my nervous system. Made me anxious and feeling just plain weird. Wondering if anybody else out there has had this experience.

Now to quilty matters. I have to stop shopping online. Such bargains out there everywhere. Hard to resist. And I love Moda. So when I see a sale on new lines I have to order. Don't I?

Keep your family close and never leave without saying I Love You!!!

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