Monday, December 21, 2009

Need Help!!

I am new to free motion quilting. I have a Pfaff 2040 machine. I have the right attachment and I have the settings right.

What I need help with is what kind of thread is best to use and what size needle??

I have done some free motion before and I seem to have a problem with my bobbin thread. It just bunches up underneath. The last time I tried this it didn't. I have changed thread and also my needle.

I know some of you wonderful quilters out there are really good at this and maybe you would share a few tips as to what to use and what you think my problem might be.

Any assistance is welcome.


  1. Check out this FM blog

    AND I suggest Superior Thread from

    Merry Christmas

  2. and a book to go with the previous comments:
    Thread Work Unraveled by Sarah Smith! It is comprehensive and easily followed by beginners and accomplished alike!!!

    The more you know the better your work will be.

    Are you pulling your thread to the top before beginning? Even the best machines will leave a thread bubble/nest if you are not holding them when you take your first stitch.

    Beth-Near Chicago

  3. I second checking out as she has a long of very good helpful hints and videos. I have a janome and I usually piece on the auto tension but when I free motion I have to set it up to between 7 & 8 so perhaps you'll just have to play with your settings a bit. If you have a local dealer I would take the machine in and have them help you that's part of buying a high end machine.